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This index is based on the full names in a house name:  You will find the same house may have many different names or has been renamed or referred to by different names, accurately or inaccurately, over the last few centuries.  Not all houses have names.  Where there are nameplates on the houses themselves we have used these but most have no nameplate on them. 

The original Roman house names and numbers are not known.  Those in use today have evolved in a variety of ways since the site was rediscovered and excavated. Some houses or shops are named after possible owners if a named artefact such as a seal, or graffiti for example have been found there. Others are named after paintings or significant discoveries such as a surgeons instruments or architectural features.

Many of the index entries have been collected from various books on Herculaneum each of which may have discrepancies, disagreements or differences according to the view or language of the author. We have not checked these out and feel the index will be more useful with more entries in than less.  If it is important to your research you should check these out yourself.  The numbers given in the index correspond to the numbers on the doorway, on the plan and onsite.

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An example of the entries in the Herculaneum index

The Villa dei Papiri could have entries

under V for Villa     Such as:   Villa dei Papiri   VP

under P for Papiri  Such as:   Papiri (Villa dei)  VP

VP is the house page that this name will be found on and if you click on VP you will go directly to that page.

On that page you will see the house has been known by three different names:      

- Villa dei Papiri or Villa of the Papyri (after the library of carbonised ancient papyri found here).      

- Villa Suburbane (after its separated location).      

- Villa dei Pisoni (It was perhaps owned by Julius Caesar's father-in-law, Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus).

For most locations there will not normally be entries for initials or generic terms such as "Casa" or "dei" or "House".


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Absidata (Aula) Aula Absidata
Acte (Livia (Wife of L. Venidius Ennychus)) VI.13
Ad Cucumas VI.13
Aeserninus Lib Hymenaeus (Marcus Claudius Marcellus) Tomb Plaque
Albergo (Casa dell') III.19   III.1   III.2   III.18
Alcimus (Bar or Shop of Marcus Livius) Ins. Or. II.6
Alcimus (Wine shop of Marcus Livius) Ins. Or. II.9
Alcova (Casa dell') IV.4
Alcove (House of the) IV.4
Altar (House of the Brick) III.17
Amfitrite (Casa di Nettuno e) V.7
Amphitrite (House of Neptune and) V.7
Antica Spiaggia Ant. Sp
Antigonus (Wine shop of L.R. ) Ins. Or. II.9   Ins. Or. II.10
Ara Laterizia (Casa dell’) III.17
Arched vaults Arch. Vaults
Area (The Sacred) Sacred Area
Area sacra Area sacra
Argo (Casa di) II.2
Argus (House of)
Aristide (Casa di) II.1
Aristides (House of)
Atri (Casa dei due) VI.29
Atrio a Mosaico (Casa dell') IV.1-2
Atrio Corinzio (Casa dell') V.30
Atrio Corinzio (Casa dell') V.30
Atrium (House of the Corinthian) V.30
Atrium (House of the Double) VI.29
Atrium (House of the Mosaic) IV.1-2
Augustales (College of the) VI.21
Augustales (Seat of the) VI.21
Augustali (Collegio degli) VI.21
Augustali (Sede degli) VI.21
Augusteum (also known as the Basilica and the Forum) AUG
Aula Absidata Aula Absidata
Aula Superiore Aula Superiore
Aulus Fuferus (Shop or Popina of) Ins. Or. II.13
Aulus Lucius Iulianus VI.21
Aulus Lucius Proculus VI.21
Ausidius Montanus, Lucius son of Lucius Tomb Plaque
Autronius Euthymius (Possible House of Lucius)  V.31
Autronius Euthymius? (House of Lucius) V.31


Balbi (Galleria) VII.16
Balbo (Terrazza di Marco Nonio) Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Balbus (Marcus Nonius Eutychus Marcianus), freedman of Tomb Plaque
Balbus (Terrace of Marcus Nonius)
Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Bar of Priapus IV.17
Barca in edificio espositivo Barca in edificio espositivo
Bas-relief of Orestes (House of the) Ins. Or. I.2
Basilica (also known as the Forum and the Augusteum) AUG
Basilica Noniana VII.16
Baths (Central) VI.1-10
Baths (Suburban) Suburban Baths
Baths (South-west) SW Baths
Beautiful Courtyard (House of the) V.8
Bel Cortile (Casa del) V.8
Bicentenario (Casa del) V.15
Bicentenary (House of the) V.15
Black Hall (House of the) VI.13
Boat exhibition building Boat Exhibition Building
Boatsheds Boatsheds
Bottega ad Cucumas VI.14
Brick Altar (House of the) III.17
Bronze Herma (House of the) III.16
Bronzo (Casa dell' Erma di) III.16


Calvisius Sabinus (Gaius) Tomb Plaque
Carbonised Furniture (House of the) V.5
Carbonizzato (Casa del Mobilio) V.5
Central Baths VI.1-10
Centrali (Terme) VI.1-10
Cervi (Casa del) IV.21
Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus Lib Hymenaeus (Marcus) Tomb Plaque
Cloth (House of the) IV.19
Clothes-merchant (Workshop of the) III.10
Cloth-makers (Workshop of the) V.4
Co. Fru (M.) VI.27
Collapsed monumental structure MS
College of the Augustales
Collegio degli Augustali VI.21
Colonnade (House of the Tuscan) VI.17
Colonnato Tuscanico (Casa del) VI.17
Columbarium (Tomb) Columbarium
Cominius Primus (dwelling on upper floor with archive of wax tablets belonging to L.) V.22
Complesso termale Sud-Ovest CTSO
Corinthian Atrium (House of the) V.30
Cortile (Casa del Bel) V.8
Courtyard (House of the Beautiful) V.8
Craticium (House of the Opus) III.14
Cucumas (Bottega ad) VI.14


Deer (House of the) IV.21
Dei (Sacello dei Quattro) Quattro dei
Dionisiaci (Casa dei rilievi) DR
Dionysian reliefs (House of the) DR
Double Atrium (House of the) VI.29
Due Atri (Casa dei) VI.29


Ennychus (Lucius Venidius) VI.13
Ercolanese (Villa) VP
Erma di Bronzo (Casa dell') III.16
Eunomus (Workshop and Dwelling of C. Messenius) VII.18   VII.17   VII.1
Euthymius (Possible House of Lucius Autronius) V.31
Euthymius? (House of Lucius Autronius) V.31
Eutychus Marcianus (Marcus Nonius) Tomb Plaque
Eutychus Marcianus (Marcus Nonius), freedman of Balbus Tomb Plaque


Fasistiliae (Honlafs) Columbarium
Faustillae (Noniaes) Columbarium
Faustillae (Pontiae) Columbarium
Felix (Pistrinum di Sextus Patulcius) Ins. Or. II.8
Fornici Fornici
Forum (also known as the Augusteum and the Basilica) AUG
Four gods (Shrine of the) Four Gods
Fru (M. Co.) VI.27
Fuferus (Shop or Popina of Aulus)
Ins. Or. II.13
Fullonica (Casa della) IV.6  IV.7  IV.5
Furniture (House of the Carbonised) V.5


Gaius Calvisius Sabinus Tomb Plaque
Galba (Casa di) VII.1-2
Galba (House of) VII.1-2
Galleria Balbi VII.16
Gem (House of the) Ins. Or. I.1
gem-cutter (Workshop of the) Ins. Or. II.10
Gemma (Casa della) Ins. Or. I.1
Gemmarius Workshop of the) Ins. Or. II.10
Genio (Casa del) II.3
Genius (House of the) II.3
Gens Nonia (Columbarium Tomb of the)? Columbarium
Gens Pontia (Columbarium Tomb of the)? Columbarium
Gods (Shrine of the four) Four Gods
Gran Portale (Casa del) V.35
Grande Taberna IV.16  IV.15  IV.13  IV.12
Graticcio (Casa a) III.14
Great Portal (House of the) V.35


Hall (House of the Black) VI.13
Herma (House of the Bronze) III.16
Honlafs Fasistiliae Columbarium
Hymenaeus (Marcus Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus Lib) Tomb Plaque


Inn (House of the) III.19   III.1   III.2   III.18
Iulianus (Aulus Lucius) VI.21


Lanarius (Bottega del) III.10
Lanarius (Workshop of) III.10
Large tavern IV.16  IV.15  IV.13  IV.12
Laterizia (Casa dell’Ara) III.17
Legno (Casa del Sacello di) V.31
Legno (Casa del Tramezzo di) III.11
Livia Acte (Wife of L. Venidius Ennychus) VI.13
Loom (House of the) V.3
Lucius Ausidius Montanus (son of Lucius) Tomb Plaque
Lucius Autronius Euthymius (Possible House of) V.31
Lucius Autronius Euthymius? (House of) V.31
Lucius Iulianus (Aulus) VI.21
Lucius Mammius Rufus VI.13
Lucius Proculus (Aulus) VI.21
Lucius Sulla L Columbarium
Lucius Venidius Ennychus VI.13


Madre degli Dei? (Tempio della) Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Magna Mater? (Temple of the) Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Mammius Maximus (Lucius) AUG
Mammius Rufus (Lucius) VI.13
Marcellus Aeserninus Lib Hymenaeus (Marcus Claudius) Tomb Plaque
Marci Noni Salvi Columbarium
Marcianus (Marcus Nonius Eutychus) Tomb Plaque
Marcianus (Marcus Nonius Eutychus), freedman of Balbus Tomb Plaque
Marco Nonio Balbo (Terrazza di) Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Marcus Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus Lib Hymenaeus Tomb Plaque
Marcus Livius Alcimus (Bar or Shop of) Ins. Or. II.6
Marcus Livius Alcimus (Wine shop of) Ins. Or. II.9
Marcus Nonius Balbus (Terrace of) Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Marcus Nonius Eutychus Marcianus Tomb Plaque
Marcus Nonius Eutychus Marcianus, freedman of Balbus Tomb Plaque
Marcus Nonius L Columbarium
Marcus Nonius Salvius Columbarium
Marcus Nonius VIII Menenia Columbarium
Marcus Pontius Philargurus Columbarium
Marcus Pontius VIII I I Menenia Columbarium
Mater Deum? (Temple of the) Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Matri (Pontiae) Columbarium
Medusa (House of Perseus and) II.2
Menenia (Marcus Nonius VIII) Columbarium
Menenia (Marcus Pontius VIII I I) Columbarium
Messenius Eunomus (Workshop and Dwelling of C.) VII.18   VII.17   VII.1
Mobilio Carbonizzato (Casa del) V.5
Montanus, Lucius Ausidius son of Lucius Tomb Plaque
Monumental structure MS
Mosaic (House of the Neptune) V.7
Mosaic Atrium (House of the) IV.1-2
Mosaico (Casa dell' Atrio a) IV.1-2
Mother of the Gods? (Temple of) Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?


Neptune and Amphitrite (House of) V.7
Neptune Mosaic (House of the) V.7
Nero (Casa del Salone) VI.13
Nettuno e Amfitrite (Casa di) V.7
Nonia (Tomb of the Gens)? Columbarium
Noniaes Faustillae Columbarium
Noniana (Basilica) VII.16
Nonio Balbo (Terrazza di Marco) Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Nonius Balbus (Terrace of Marcus) Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Nonius Eutychus Marcianus (Marcus) Tomb Plaque
Nonius Eutychus Marcianus (Marcus), freedman of Balbus Tomb Plaque
Nonius L (Marcus) Columbarium
Nonius Salvius (Marcus) Columbarium
Nonius VIII Menenia (Marcus) Columbarium


Officina dei textores V.4
Opus Craticium (House of the) III.14
Orestes (House of the bas-relief of) Ins. Or. I.2


Padaglione sul mare della Viila dei Papiri MS
Palaestra Ins. Or. II.4
Palestra Ins. Or. II.4
Papiri (Villa dei) VP
Papyri (Villa of the) VP
Partition (House of the Wooden) III.11
Patulcius Felix (Pistrinum di Sextus) Ins. Or. II.8
Pavilion on the sea of the Viila dei Papiri MS
Perseus and Medusa (House of) II.2
Philargurus (Marcus Pontius) Columbarium
Pisoni (Villa dei) VP
Pondera VI.22  VI.23
Pontia (Tomb of the Gens)? Columbarium
Pontiae Faustillae Columbarium
Pontiae matri Columbarium
Pontius Philargurus (Marcus) Columbarium
Pontius VIII I I Menenia (Marcus) Columbarium
Pistrinum di Sextus Patulcius Felix Ins. Or. II.8
Portal (House of the Great) V.35
Portale (Casa del Gran) V.35
Priapo (Taberna di) IV.17
Priapus (Tavern of) IV.17
Priapus (Bar of) IV.17
Primus (dwelling on upper floor with archive of wax tablets belonging to L. Cominius) V.22
Proculus (Aulus Lucius) VI.21


Quattro dei (Sacello dei) Quattro dei


Relief (House of the Telephus) Ins. Or. I.2
Relief of Telephus (House of the) Ins. Or. I.2
Reliefs (House of the Dionysian) DR
Rilievi dionisiaci (Casa dei) DR
Rilievo di Telefo (Casa del) Ins. Or. I.2
Rufus (Lucius Mammius) VI.13


Sabinus (Gaius Calvisius) Tomb Plaque
Sacello dei Quattro dei Quattro dei
Sacello di legno (Casa del) V.31
Sacello di Venere Sacello di Venere
Sacellum (House of the Wooden)
Sacra (Area) Area sacra
Sacred Area Sacred Area
Salone Nero (Casa del) VI.13
Salvius (Marcus Nonius) Columbarium
Samnite House V.1
Sannitica (Casa) V.1
Scheletro (Casa dello) III.3
Screen (House of the Wooden) III.11
Seat of the Augustales VI.21
Sede degli Augustali VI.21
Sepulcretum Columbarium
Sextus Patulcius Felix (Pistrinum di) Ins. Or. II.8
Shoreline Shore
Shrine (House of wooden) V.31
Shrine of the four gods Four Gods
Shrine of Venus Shrine of Venus
Skeleton (House of the) III.3
South-west baths SW baths
Stags (House of the) IV.21
Stoffa (Casa della) IV.19
Suburban Baths Suburban Baths
Suburban Thermae Terme Suburbane
Suburban Villa VP
Suburbane (Terme) Terme Suburbane
Suburbane (Villa) VP
Sulla L (Lucius) Columbarium
Superiore (Aula) Aula Superiore


Taberna di Priapo IV.17
Taberna Vasaria IV.14
Tailor (House of the) V.3
Tailor (Workshop of the) V.4
Tavern of Priapus IV.17
Telaio (Casa del) V.3
Telefo (Casa del Rilievo di) Ins. Or. I.2
Telephus (House of the Relief of) Ins. Or. I.2
Telephus Relief (House of the) Ins. Or. I.2
Tempio della Madre degli Dei? Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Temple of the Magna Mater? Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Temple of the Mater Deum? Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Temple of the Mother of the Gods? Ins Or 2.4?   Ins Or 2.19?
Terme a sud-ovest Terme SO
Terme Centrali VI.1-10
Terme Suburbane Terme Suburbane
Terrace of Marcus Nonius Balbus Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Terrazza di Marco Nonio Balbo Terr. M. Nonio Balbo
Textores (Officina dei) V.4
(Thermopolium) Bar of Priapus IV.17
Tramezzo di Legno (Casa del) III.11
Tuscan Colonnade (House of the) VI.17
Tuscanico (Casa del Colonnato) VI.17


Vasaria (Taberna) IV.14
Venere (Sacello di) Sacello di Venere
Venidia (Daughter of L. Venidius Ennychus) VI.13
Venidius Ennychus (Lucius) VI.13
Venus (Shrine of) Shrine of Venus
Villa dei Papiri VP
Villa of the Papyri VP
Villa Suburbane VP


Wattlework (house of the) III.14
Weavers (Workshop of the) V.4
Wooden Partition (House of the) III.11
Wooden Sacellum (House of the) V.31
Wooden Screen (House of the) III.11
Wooden shrine (House of) V.31



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